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United in alliance, especially
for a common purpose.

We love working as a team – that means everyone from creatives to clients. It’s much more fun, we all learn from each other; we think it builds stronger relationships and creates braver work.

Confederation Studio – About Us

“We would encourage you to work with this dynamic team. They have an incredible capacity to translate a vision into something playful and full of joy!”

— Louise Bradbury, Little Notes

You might think that your website needs refreshing or your brand identity doesn’t represent who you now are or want to be. It might be a challenge to reach a new audience and therefore you’re looking for help with a marketing strategy or campaign ideas. Whatever your communication challenges or objectives are we can help you solve them.

Our Services include:

We’ll lead you through the process of defining what makes you unique and then express this through a brand identity.

Whatever your objectives, we can help you communicate your value to your audience; whether that’s through advertising or general communications.

Creating digital experiences is where branding and marketing come to life, that might be through a video or website design and development. We think putting the user at the centre of this thinking is key.

Some people think that print is dead, potentially now it could be the most trusted form of media. We work with some great print partners who can deliver beautiful output.

Our process

01 / Research
Before we do anything we’ll come and meet you. We’ll then ask for a written brief (we’re quite strict about this bit).


At this point we’ll also mention anything we’ve experienced in the past that might make your project even more of a success. Once you’re happy we’ll agree timelines and deliverables, and then get on it.

02 / Recommend
The process of researching, questioning and coming in with a fresh perspective has been the key to our creative success over the years.


Once we’ve agreed the right strategic route for you, we’ll get to work on the creative direction. This could be delivering a variety of possible ideas, or building up one concrete solution.

03 / Create
Once we have a creative direction agreed, we’ll start our detailed design process. This is when things really start coming together.


We’ll create all assets needed for print, development or installation. We’ll also hand over all the master files, artwork and style guides. Then after a set time we’ll look at the execution and the results to see how, together, we can build on the success…

Our clients

What our clients have to say.

Good Chemistry Brewing:
“We feel privileged to have been able to work with Confederation Studio on our brand design. They took us on and our unformed ideas before we’d even started the business, and together we worked out who we wanted to be and how we wanted to come across. We have lost count of the number of positive comments we’ve received about the design work.


We would not hesitate to recommend Nahim and his team to anyone who was looking for design work – whether a complete brand launch like ours, a brand overhaul, or even just some new ideas on where to direct your brand and business.”
Kelly Sidgwick

Little Notes:
“We would encourage you to work with this dynamic team. They have an incredible capacity to translate a vision into something playful and full of joy! People smile when they see our branding and a joy radiates from our website and print that has totally captured the heart of Little Notes.


Since our new brand has got out into the world there has been a several fold increase in new contact from musicians wanting to work with Little Notes and people have found it so much easier to find a class nearby using our slick storefinder type application.


Confederation Studio have given us a website that has set us up for significant national growth.”
Louise Bradbury

Susanna Wesley Foundation:
“Confederation offered a way of working which combined clarity around concept and design with an openness to evolving ideas about the site and how it might be used by our user base. We were very much in the formative stages of the Foundation and without any online presence when we came to Confederation Studio and so we changed our ideas fairly often through the design process (as we continue to do). Confederation were, and have been, able to support us in that while helping to keep us focused on a consistent aesthetic and a clear purpose for the site.”


Dr Christopher Stephens
Head of Southlands College
Director, Susanna Wesley Foundation
University of Roehampton

Confederation Studio – About Us

Confederation Studio is made up of a small team that brings creativity and technical expertise together. At the helm is Nahim Afzal, who founded the studio in 2011.

Nahim Afzal — Founder & Executive Creative Director

Nahim’s approach is to listen, observe, understand, and then create clever and effective design solutions. His 19 years of experience working for the top global branding and advertising agencies has gained him expertise in brand creation and communication campaigns across every industry sector.