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Brand culture — #1 Operate with Integrity.
In upcoming months we’re going to be talking about some shifts that can change you and your business and organisation for the better. It’s what we’re experimenting with and aspiring to do here at Confederation Studio.


Operating with integrity is the foundational element and also the most difficult shift to execute. People today are looking for authenticity, transparency and ultimately integrity. We are all savvy consumers, our time-poor friends are able to see through our facade and spot when something just doesn’t quite measure up. For our own sake, and theirs, what we need to do is train ourselves to operate with total integrity, across everything; doing this in your personal and work life is the only way to achieve integrity (otherwise it’s not total integrity!).
From your service to your website, to how you treat your least favourite customer, it needs to be consistent and have integrity. Your “yes” must be a yes and your “no” a….well you get the idea. When it comes to your business or organisation, you need to consider two major areas: Number one is do we have integrity across everything: our marketing, our sales, our product and our customer service, even our accounts? This should be driven by your brand and be integral to who the organisation has set out to be. For example, does our visual identity have consistency across all things or does our product genuinely measure up to how we’ve sold it?
The first step to integrity is about understanding who you are, individually and corporately. Secondly, if you have customers that you help and consult with, then coach them into integrity. Make sure their activity, communications and culture measure up to their brand correctly. You might need to fight this corner and it will most likely be harder than you think, but it will be worth it for them, you and your organisation… Because with integrity will come deeper relationships, more worth and more business. That’s what we’re discovering here at Confederation Studio.