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We were tasked with the challenge of communicating Marie Stopes International’s ‘The story of outreach in Tanzania’

By using Shorthand, a web based story telling platform that incorporates parallax functionality, we were able to effectively tell the story of Marie Stopes impact in Tanzania. Working closely with Shorthand, we created a bespoke skin allowing us to replicate Marie Stopes visual aesthetic resulting in a truly unique web based story.

The objective was to take the reader on a journey giving them a detailed humanistic insight into the impactful and personal work carried out by Marie Stopes workers in Tanzania, this was achieved by using a series of visual stimuli together. Various documentary footage of Marie Stopes workers in the field are peppered throughout the story, this helped communicate their active, gritty and hands of approach to solving the problems they faced in Tanzania.

Story telling with  <br>Marie Stopes International

Another challenge was how to communicate the sensitive topic of the process women go through when selecting the best contraception for themselves. By using Shorthands parallax feature, we were able to illustrate the process following a woman from start to finish as she makes her contraceptive choice. The basic illustration style helps soften the sensitive subject matter whilst taking the reader through the different scenes and scenarios gives the reader a detailed insight into the process.

Story telling with  <br>Marie Stopes International

Shorthand is a great way for brands to tell their story, the customisability elements allows for creative expression enabling brands to apply their own visual aesthetic when creating their own story. Check out our Shorthand stories for Marie Stopes International here:

Outreach in Tanzania

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