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16 months in the making whilst juggling great work for our clients, it’s always a challenge doing your own website

Our old site has served us well, but it was time for a change! As you can see, we’ve been working away on an all singing all dancing shiny new website. It’s been a challenge, from experimenting with a number of different techniques to delving into the far corners of UX design. Nevertheless, we pulled through and most importantly learned a lot in the process.

Most notably the biggest challenge we overcame was the responsive interactive illustration that features in the top header of our website (shown below). By creating an SVG graphic we were able to animate individual elements whilst also making them both clickable and responsive.

Confederation Studio <br>— Website launch

The solution came from what can only be described as an experimental explosion of animation and code. Hidden inside the illustration you’ll find various pop out features, some more obvious than others. Be sure to have a play around with it and let us know what you think! Our personal favourites include the lamp, polaroid camera and the cactus.

Confederation Studio <br>— Website launch

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