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St. Peter’s Harrow is a vibrant Anglican church in North West London. We were approached to create a brand that would help showcase their direction with new leadership in place.

St. Peter’s Harrow has been doing great things for many years in the community and is considered to be at the heart of West Harrow. But the visual expression didn’t reflect the dynamic work being done, thus leaving it feeling tired and dated. The rate of growth had started to level out; while it was great at attracting families with young children it wasn’t drawing in the diversity of people in the area.

St. Peter’s Harrow — branding and digital

Working closely with the new Vicar, we first established the brand strategy in direct relation to the vision and values of St. Peter’s, in turn giving us a clearer direction. For the visual expression we used the theme of ‘light’, encompassing St. Peter’s ideology of wanting to be seen. The visual expression was then made prominent throughout all aspects of the brand including the bright, diverse colour palette.

St. Peter’s Harrow — branding and digital

We created a simple, timeless and iconic logo that’s robust nature enables it to be used as an easily applicable large scale framing device for visual elements. In addition to the branding, a bespoke WordPress CMS website with mobile optimisation was created. This enabled St. Peter’s to be visible on and offline.

St. Peter’s Harrow — branding and digital

The website is a key element as it’s often the first point of call for people looking into church life and for visitors wanting to find out more. The site highlights talks, the various community groups, a calendar of events, the ability to easily ‘give’ to the work of the church and all about what the church believes in and stands for.

St. Peter’s Harrow — branding and digital St. Peter’s Harrow — branding and digital St. Peter’s Harrow — branding and digital

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