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A designer’s dream project — The Harris and Hoole V.I.P card of awesomeness

The stereotype of designers loving coffee couldn’t be further from the truth, in reality we are dependant on it! So when the brief came in from Harris + Hoole to design the fittingly named ‘V.I.P card of awesomeness’, we immediately put down our eighth coffee of the day and started designing.

The Harris and Hoole <br>V.I.P card of awesomeness

The result came in the form of a wooden card, each card was painstakingly hand crafted by one of our designers…ok, so they weren’t hand crafted but there still special, instead we used a laser-etching technique to burn the graphic into the wood.

The Harris and Hoole <br>V.I.P card of awesomeness

The project enabled us to branch out on new materials, in turn giving the card a more tactile appeal whilst still functioning as a portable card that can easily fit inside the owners wallet. On the whole it was a great project to be apart of, and to who ever manages to get their hands on one, we envy you!