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Benjamin Garcia Saxe Architects

What we did:
— Brand strategy
— Art direction
— Branding
— Print
— Stationery
— Website
— Animation
— Guidelines
— Interface/ UX
— Digital media

Benjamin Garcia Saxe Architects is an international architectural practice constantly developing ways to combine functional and durable contemporary materials with natural ones.

The Challenge
Benjamin Garcia Saxe Architects believe in a humble, practical and modern way of thinking. Their practice reflects this idea in their methods of production and use of materials with a natural application. We were commissioned to brand the company which included producing a fully responsive website.

The Outcome
We loved the bringing together of modern design techniques within a natural environment. Our outcome was a strong, typographic solution with the use of a neon spot colour on recycled board. This reflects the modern and structural nature of Benjamin Garcia Saxe Architects’ work whilst alluding to the use of natural materials.

Since the launch of our new brand and website we have seen significant growth in the amount of hits to our site, in the amount of comments about our site, which translates into comments about our work. The brief was to help promote our work so that people can really see the quality of what we do and Confederation Studio has helped us with this.

Benjamin Garcia Saxe
– Founder / Architecture

The best thing about working with Confederation Studio was the hands on approach from beginning to end. We were engaged with not only ideas but also with execution of how to do things better and it felt like we were participants of the design process and not alien to it. It was a collaborate relationship. 

Benjamin Garcia Saxe
– Founder / Architecture