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Catherine of Siena

What we did:
— Art direction
— Branding
— Guidelines
— Print
— Environmental

Being part of the University of Roehampton, Catherine of Siena College specialises in courses exploring gender, justice, religion, and theology.

The Challenge
Catherine of Siena College was established in 2007 by a group of scholars concerned about the marginalisation and oppression of women across the world. We were approached and tasked with creating an identity that embodies the ethos of the college along with a set of brand guidelines and a variety of applications ranging from reports to environmental graphics.

The Outcome
The college takes its name from the fourteenth century Christian mystic, Catherine of Siena. Born in Italy in 1347, she defied the conventions of her day through her theological writing and political activism.

Noticing that Catherine of Siena is historically depicted holding both a lily and a book, we combined both these iconic objects into a singular monogram, this enabled the brand to retain its connection with Catherine of Siena in a more abstract, minimal way. The colour scheme features copper used in conjunction with a palette of warm greys. The copper reflects the prominent use of metallic colours by renaissance artists in the fourteenth century. The colour palette is accompanied by a classic serif typeface, giving the brand a sophisticated, intellectual and knowledgeable feel.

We are really happy with our new logo and monogram, and the branding idea that Confederation Studio came up with is just what we were hoping for—it’s smart, contemporary, and speaks clearly about who we are as a college.

Susanna Snyder, PhD
Assistant Director, Catherine of Siena College, and Tutor in Theology
University of Roehampton