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Good Chemistry Brewing

What we did:
— Naming
— Art direction
— Branding
— Packaging
— Illustration
— Print
— Website
— Environmental

Brewery branding project for Good Chemistry Brewing, a start-up brewery formed by beer enthusiast couple Bob and Kelly.

The challenge
Good Chemistry required a brewery branding project that would embody their technical and scientific approach to brewing, whilst also demonstrating their willingness to educate about the bizarre world of beer.

The outcome
We created the name ‘Good Chemistry Brewing’, which represents both the relationship between Bob and Kelly and their scientific approach to brewing. Each beer was represented by an infographic that would accurately break down its specific flavours. The brewery branding was also peppered with geeky beer related facts accompanied by technical illustrations. This resulted in the brand having a very scientific, knowledgeable yet engaging personality.

Our beer bottle labels in particular are things of beauty – but informative, unusual and massively eye-catching as well. We have lost count of the number of positive comments we’ve received.

Robert Cary
Founder / Head brewer

Confederation Studio have great attention to detail too – they consider things we haven’t even thought of, and put thought and care into all of it.

Robert Cary
Founder / Head brewer

We feel privileged to have been able to work with Confederation Studio on our brand design. They took us on and our unformed ideas before we’d even started the business, and together we worked out who we wanted to be and how we wanted to come across.

Kelly Sidgwick