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What we did:
— Brand strategy
— Art direction
— Branding
— Guidelines
— Stationery
— Illustration
— Print
— Digital media
— Website direction
— Interface/UX
— Animation

Helping re-position the LoveCrafts group of companies to achieve their ambitions of becoming the leading global e-commerce platform for crafts

The Challenge
LoveCrafts is an innovative platform that provides a unique combination of social tools, marketplace and e-commerce technology, with ambitions of becoming the No.1 ecomerce platform for crafts.

Following their rapid growth and global expansion — LoveCrafts, LoveKnitting and LoveCrochet needed a brand identity that would communicate their maverick, pioneering spirit to potential investors as well as positioning them as the leaders in the marketplace. Ranked Number 3 by The Sunday Times Hiscox Tech Track 100 of the UK’s fastest growing tech companies, LoveCrafts Group current branding contradicted their innovative, pioneering spirit, instead, portraying them as a small, local craft shop and an online e-commerce platform that was purely a place to purchase.

Looking into their brand architecture, there was a clear fragmentation between the different crafts. They needed a more strategic visual system that could create unity between all the different current crafts platforms, whilst also providing the freedom to give each craft it’s own individual flavour.

The Outcome
Working hand-in-hand with LoveCrafts team we were able to shape a new way for the world to view and interact with crafts online. Together, we defined a graphic language that communicates their spirit, vibrancy and energy — visually demonstrating to potential investors the brands drive and ambition.

Branding the platform required both strategic thinking and in-depth brand architecture. We created a fluid visual system that not only created consistency between the different craft sectors, but also possessed enough flexibility to give each craft its own individual flavour.

The fluidity of the system was paramount to creating a future proof brand that could cater to the growing number of crafts added to the platform as they continue in there rapid growth to becoming the leading global e-commerce platform.

With Confederation Studio I genuinely think you get the talent of a big agency with the nimbleness of a smaller one. That’s a rare combination: high quality output that’s produced flexibly and in true partnership without all the overheads of back-office functions.

Nigel Whiteoak
Founder, LoveCrafts

The brand work for the iPad app has definitely contributed to its appeal and great reviews in the app store. Within its first six weeks, it’s been featured in the “Hot this Week” selection, ranked number one in the LifeStyle category and garnered multiple five star reviews from some of the tens of thousands of people who’ve downloaded it.

Nigel Whiteoak
Founder, LoveCrafts

I think what most marks out Confederation for me is the brilliant blend of ability to listen to a client’s requirements and opinions coupled with their own strong points of view. They’re not afraid to state a strong case, but will always listen carefully, take on board feedback and adapt, pushing back where they feel it’s appropriate. That’s such a fine balance to tread, and Confederation tread it very finely indeed.

Nigel Whiteoak
Founder, LoveCrafts