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Mama Buci 

What we did:
— Art direction
— Naming
— Branding
— Packaging
— Web

Packaging and logo for Mama Buci who partner with over 7000 families in Africa to help them maintain and harvest their organic honey.

The Challenge
Mama Buci is socially and environmentally committed to improving the lives of its suppliers. They required a new name, packaging and brand identity to help enter into the UK market.

The Outcome
As a new product, the packaging had to stand out amongst competitors. The mark combines the profile of an African woman with a traditional headdress in the shape of a beehive, evocative of a caring, nurturing and maternal spirit that is central to their brand. This theme is continued through their name ‘Mama Buci’; a name derived from the indigenous Bantu language of Zambia, meaning ‘Mother Honey’. The use of materials, font choice and photography helped tie the brand together as an organic and ethical organisation, focused on the welfare of people.

Confederation Studio are a great team of creative thinkers. We loved working with them and I would wholeheartedly recommend them for their professionalism and speed in executing the final result. They challenged our brief and have taken us far beyond what we thought we could achieve!

Martin Zuch