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Marie Stopes International

What we did:
— Brand strategy
— Art direction
— Branding
— Guidelines
— Stationery
— Illustration
— Print
— Digital media
— Website
— Interface/UX
— Animation
— Environment

Marie Stopes International is one of the largest international family planning organisations in the world. For the last three years we have been working closely with them to help effectively communicate their brand message.

The Challenge
Marie Stopes International were looking for an agency that was able to work on both high-level brand architecture, as well as implement the brand through various print and digital applications to a high standard with consistency in compliance to the brand guidelines. They approached us to unpack their visual identity and move the existing brand on.

The Outcome
With offices in 37 countries, their global nature meant the brand had to be easy to implement to ensure maximum consistency, whilst also communicating their approachable, courageous and reassuring spirit.

We designed a detailed icon collection with three levels including hero icons, informative icons and human/scenery icons. Level one consists of the hero icons, designed to be used at a large size, for example on publication covers. Level two, the ‘informative icons’, are used to convey more complex information such as statistics or diagrams. Level three, the ‘human scenery icons’ can be used to aid storytelling. By covering a number of areas the brand was able to communicate several different pieces of information simultaneously, adding a sense of character and humanity through iconography.

We also devised a colour palette that comprises a mix of pastel shades with bright, positive colours. The pastel shades, used alongside the primary palette help achieve a warm and welcoming feel, in line with the approachable tenet of the Marie Stopes brand. The brighter colours, meanwhile, help create a bolder impression, reflecting the brand’s courageous spirit. Charts and graphs don’t have to be corporate and laboursome. By using a combination of bold colours, iconography and unique data visualisation techniques, we created a diverse set of charts and graphs that not only communicate an array of different information formats, but add impact and interest to the context they are used in. All elements were wrapped up in a comprehensive set of brand guidelines. This enabled global consistency throughout the brand.

spread of MSI work

With Confederation Studio it’s a truly collaborative process, it was great to work directly with the designers to create game changing results!

Chris Duncan
Head of Corporate Communications

Confederation Studio helped to push us further and to be braver and bolder with the way that we express our brand. I would wholly recommend them.

Chris Duncan
Head of Corporate Communications

Digital stories

We were tasked with the challenge of communicating Marie Stopes International’s ‘The story of outreach in Tanzania’. We used a web based story telling platform that incorporates parallax functionality, we were able to effectively tell the story of Marie Stopes impact in Tanzania. Working closely with Shorthand, we created a bespoke skin allowing us to replicate Marie Stopes visual aesthetic resulting in a truly unique web based story.

The objective was to take the reader on a journey giving them a detailed humanistic insight into the impactful and personal work carried out by Marie Stopes workers in Tanzania, this was achieved by using a series of visual stimuli together. Various documentary footage of Marie Stopes workers in the field are peppered throughout the story, this helped communicate their active, gritty and hands of approach to solving the problems they faced in Tanzania.

See the story here: Outreach in Tanzania 

I really value Confederation Studio’s approach of putting us directly in touch with the designers. It means projects are efficiently run and engenders collaboration.

Liz Walden
Communications Manager

100 million clients

Nearly 40 years on from the day Marie Stopes International was founded, somewhere in the world, their 100 millionth client walked through their blue doors seeking support to make a contraceptive choice that is right for her.  

To celebrate this momentous landmark, Marie Stopes rolled out a celebratory event fittingly named ‘100 Million Day’. From Bolivia to Bangladesh, Afghanistan to Zambia, the event gives their teams a chance to acknowledge how far they’ve come, and also to look ahead to the next 100 million clients.

We were asked to brand the event and produce a range of comms that would help the workers celebrate the landmark day. To demonstrate the sheer number of women Marie Stopes has helped we created a counter motif that accounts for each individual person the organisation has helped. 

Confederation Studio are always a pleasure to work with. They are quick to understand a brief and they deliver consistently strong creative, whatever the size and scope of the project.

Liz Walden
Communications Manager