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What we did:
— Branding
— Website
— Guidelines
— Art direction
— Interface/ UX
— Print

Slidebank is a web-based tool for managing, building and sharing PowerPoint presentations – securely and effortlessly.

The Challenge
With a growing list of competitors, Slidebank set us the challenge to rebrand the product demonstrating its value in providing effective and consistent presentations across an organisation on-demand.

The Outcome
We created a logo that represents a powerpoint slide in a modern, minimal aesthetic with the page curl reflecting the brands strap-line ‘Behind every great presentation’. The shape of the logo is used heroically as a graphic device to frame and structure various elements throughout the brand, emphasising the sense of organisation and ability to have all resources in one accessible place.

The brand refresh has given our identity strength and a new lease of life. We’ve had some fantastic feedback from clients about how well packaged our brand and service are now that everything’s updated and comprehensive. It consolidates our serious position in the market and helps us stand out from the crowd.

Ami B.
Head of Customer Service

The speed at which we moved from brief to 80% of our finished brand identity was refreshing. It could have taken another studio 6 months to get to that point. Confederation Studio are pragmatic and think in clear, straight lines, which is refreshing. It’s hard to find good strategic thinkers.

Ami B.
Head of Customer Service

Talk to Nahim! He has a great ability to reassure and to move the conversation forwards. We could have easily gone around in circles for a long time, but Nahim’s gentle persuasion helped us to make brave decisions early on and trust him and his team creatively. They know what they are doing!

Ami B.
Head of Customer Service