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What we did:
— Art direction
— Branding
— Website
— Print
— Packaging
— Illustration

Established for over 25 years, SteelDeck provide creative, flexible and safe portable staging and tiered seating solutions.

The Challenge
We were approached to carry out a number of design tasks ranging from a full rebrand to the website design, whilst also portraying the company’s industrial and engineered nature.

The Outcome
The solution came in the form of a heroic logo that’s rigid, engineered and structural aesthetic reflects both the products and services provided by SteelDeck. To support the logo, other visual elements such as the pattern, colour palette and illustration style were created. The pattern features tessellated triangles, which represent the iconic shape of the metal tubing used throughout the majority of SteelDeck’s products. The colour palette is comprised of a variety of greys and bright yellow, a colour synonymous with safety and visibility.