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The Modern Soap Co.

What we did:
— Brand strategy
— Naming
— Art direction
— Branding
— Print
— Stationery
— Packaging
— Guidelines
— Interface/ UX
— Photography

The Modern Soap Co. offer a range of premium cleansing products for men.

The Challenge
The Modern Soap Co. approached us to help design a brand identity that would appeal to the sophisticated, modern man. The identity was to be used across a variety of applications, such as bags, wash kits and their products themselves.

The Outcome
As a subtle twist, we chose to interpret the ‘Modern’ element of their brand name in a classic, serif typeface, juxtaposed with use of a modern typeface. This type treatment was used in conjunction with a confident and contemporary colour pallet that complimented the colour of each soap package. We felt it was important to show the physical product beneath the packaging so as to appeal to a more tactile consumer.