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What we did:

— Brand strategy
— Art direction
— Branding
— Guidelines
— Copywriting
— Photography
— Stationery
— Illustration
— Print

Once upon a time, the world of tech belonged to a select group of coding wizards with advanced computing degrees. Today, tech is the future and kids are learning their HTML at the same time as their ABC. Firetech are the UK’s leading provider of tech education and their inspiring courses and residential camps are built for the next generation of innovators.They came to us with this EdTech branding project and to help shape their digital platform.

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With a confident tone of voice and a fun and vibrant visual identity, we helped Firetech create an EdTech branding solution that effectively communicated their credibility and expertise to parents whilst always inspiring excitement in kids. We directed and shot a suite of bespoke photos and created playful illustrations to pepper personality through their comms.

Confederation are able to dig into the DNA of your organisation and bring your brand story to life in a way that you just can’t do yourself because you're too close to the details.
Kirien Sangha, Marketing Manager, Firetech
Confederation take an objective look at what’s working and what isn’t, and then look at how you can evolve. I urge you to use the expertise of their creative team because they will look at problems and opportunities in a way that you can’t.
Jill Hodges, Founder and CEO, Firetech