Making science everyone's favourite subject

What we did:

— Branding
— Packaging
— Naming

If any beer drinker tells you they have never once judged a beer by its pump clip, they’re lying. But that’s the problem with beer. Unless you’re prepared to drink your weight in tasters and slowly drive the bar staff insane, you’re never really going to know exactly which beer is to your taste. That’s where Good Chemistry comes in.

bottles of beer sold
thousand pints poured
growth over two years
Confederation consider things we haven’t even thought of, and put thought and care into all of it.
Bob, Founder and Head Brewer

Craft beer branding project for Beer enthusiasts Bob and Kelly. They wanted to start a brewery because…well, because they love brewing beer. More specifically, they love the fascinating art and science behind every pint. They also love the way that brewing allows them to bring a community together and celebrate relationships. So, we all put our heads together and ‘Good Chemistry’ was born.

Our beer bottle labels in particular are things of beauty – but informative, unusual and massively eye-catching as well. We have lost count of the number of positive comments we’ve received.
Bob, Founder and Head Brewer

Good Chemistry’s bold identity is all about articulating the science behind the brewing, breaking down the taste and educating beer-lovers. We created a sophisticated visual system with colourful infographics and lively illustrations, rolling it out across pubs, bottles, websites, you name it. Now the only downside is that we no longer have an excuse for endless rounds of free testers. Our favourite Craft beer branding project.

We feel privileged to have been able to work with Confederation Studio on our branding. They took us and our unformed ideas on before we’d even started the business, and together we worked out who we wanted to be and how we wanted to come across.
Kelly Sidgwick, Co-Founder and Marketing Manager