Better coffee
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What we did:

— Branding
— Packaging
— Environmental
— Website
— App

Harris and Hoole have always believed in ‘Better Coffee’, taking beautifully crafted artisan coffee and scaling it for the masses. But with the rising popularity of high street coffee chains, other businesses began to catch up with the importance of high quality ingredients. Harris and Hoole feared their niche would be lost and needed to position their offering as a premium experience, not just great coffee.

App installs
Shops in the South East
growth since rebrand

For this Coffee chain branding project, we crafted a look that communciated who they are across every single touch point, from interior design to coffee cup packaging. The warm and sophisticated colour palette paired with refined typography and delicate illustrations showcase the exceptional quality and confidence of the Harris + Hoole brand.

Confederation work quickly, their design is high quality and they miraculously seem to understand our briefs – even when ambiguous!
Charlie Glynn, People Director

As well as the coffee chain branding project, to compliment the in-store brand experience, we helped establish a significant digital presence. Their innovative app was overhauled to reflect the new premium brand feel as well as create a simpler user experience.