Good for the gut

What we did:

— Positioning
— Branding
— Packaging
— Campaign

HOLOS kombucha entered into the soft drinks category in the Autumn of 2018, attracting a predominantly 45+ female audience. Since then, the market has shifted drastically as millennials vocally look to healthier, non-alcoholic beverage alternatives. Our partnership with HOLOS stemmed from a need to update the brand to a bolder, braver execution, whilst conveying their overarching brand message: Live Whole.

increase in sales since rebrand
growth with key online distributors
Confederation Studio give a fresh and creative approach to their work, with a very relational and 'human' way of dealing with us. We felt they were truly passionate about the success of our business and our brand, and this reflected in the quality of their work.
Christine Robinson, Co-founder

By emphasising the brand name and utilising the ‘O’ as the flavour differentiator, we created a striking, sleek new image for the brand with a design that would look at home in cafe’s and bars alike.

Just a huge thanks to Confederation Studio, who were willing to confront us with some uncomfortable truths about our brand, which proved critical for us to respond to in order to drive some of the success we now experience.
Naomi Partridge, Co-founder

With big business plans on the horizon, HOLOS needed a brand that would instantly attract retailers and consumers, and had to move away from their softer, more feminine identity in order to be more universally appealing.

Confederation suggested a strategy of a brand hack - working at speed that meant within two months of our first conversation we had our new branding on shelf! They worked with agility and speed with us to reach the right outcome.
Tom Partridge, Managing Director and Co-founder