Leading the craft revolution one tea cosy at a time

What we did:

— Brand strategy
— Art direction
— Branding
— Guidelines
— Stationery
— Illustration
— Print

In the past 3 years alone, a reported 1 million people have taken up sewing and the number of knitters worldwide has jumped from 900,000 to 6.8 million. LoveCrafts found themselves amidst this crafting revolution, riding the crochet wave with huge success and securing $7.5m in their first round of funding.

No. 1
ranked app in LifeStyle category within first six weeks
in Sunday Times TechTrack 100
raised in their Series C funding
With Confederation Studio I genuinely think you get the talent of a big agency with the nimbleness of a smaller one. That’s a rare combination: high quality output that’s produced flexibly and in true partnership without all the overheads of back-office functions and teams of admin personnel.
Nigel Whiteoak, Founder, LoveCrafts

LoveCrafts were working flat-out to keep up with their monumental growth, but still had big plans for the future. They tasked Confederation with streamlining their high growth startup branding to appeal not only to their growing community of makers, but also potential investors that would help them grow even more.

The brand work for the iPad app has definitely contributed to its appeal and great reviews in the app store. Within its first six weeks, it’s been featured in the “Hot this Week” selection, ranked number one in the LifeStyle category and garnered multiple five star reviews from some of the tens of thousands of people who’ve downloaded it.
Nigel Whiteoak, Founder, LoveCrafts

The bright and versatile visual language we created communicates the maverick, pioneering spirit at the heart of the organisation, inspiring delight and creativity. By unifying their digital platforms, we helped LoveCrafts speak with one confident voice to showcase them as true leaders of the marketplace. Following the rebrand, they went on to raise a further $20m. A great example of a high growth startup branding project at Confederation Studio.

I think what most marks out Confederation for me is the brilliant blend of ability to listen to a client’s requirements and opinions coupled with their own strong points of view. They’re not afraid to state a strong case, but will always listen carefully, take on board feedback and adapt, pushing back where they feel it’s appropriate. That’s such a fine balance to tread, and Confederation tread it very finely indeed.
Nigel Whiteoak, Founder, LoveCrafts