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What we did:

— Naming
— Brand strategy
— Branding
— Packaging
— Website
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Nectarine offers independent and intelligent care for the elderly. They came to us with a great product that didn’t have the confident, forward thinking identity to match their vision. The challenge was to create an E-health branding solution that would carry them into the future and help them grow internationally, beyond their Swedish roots.

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Nectarine came to us with the Swedish name ‘Aifloo’; they needed a new name that would translate more easily across the international market, a name that was memorable, warm and friendly. We conducted extensive competitor research and market due diligence to find a suitable name to match the exciting vision of their work, encapsulating the care and innovation of that inspired their products. It’s an open and memorable name with a pleasing visual appearance which would work nicely as a clean, modern logo.

Once we had decided on Nectarine, we built a fresh and bold visual identity around it, one that matched their unique positioning within the meditech space. We created a unique mark around Nectarine’s ‘N’ – the mark uses dynamic lines of data that shift and change when animated, representing the flawless and non-invasive transfer of data through Nectarine’s technology. Deep, bright yellows bring friendliness and warmth to a landscape that can often feel clinical and sterile, and a soft and open typeface brings a contemporary perspective to elderly care. We used a series of intricate graphic patterns to represent the innovative way that Nectarine transfers data to revolutionise lives.

You will not find better quality work in London from such a dedicated team!
Alex - Executive Chairman

We designed and built a clear and informative website that showcases the early stages of Nectarine’s product development in a visually inspiring, concise way. The clean and modern brand inspires confidence in personal and professional carers, communicating the intelligence, elegance and approachability of the technology. An E-health branding project to keep an eye on.

We’re proud of the brand, which positively impacts our internal company dynamic. Customers and partners too are very impressed! We get great feedback all the time.
Bertie - Founding partner