Building Trust

Your business needs more than just money to flourish. Today, trust is the capital that really matters. Passionate people who truly believe in a purpose are the life-blood of any brilliant business.

This is an opportunity for change. At Confederation Studio, we understand that effective branding and a marketing strategy is not just about making things look good. It’s about clarifying your company’s purpose, and then articulating it in a way that makes people sit up and say “I believe in that too”.

of consumers today say they don't trust traditional forms of advertising.
will believe a friend above all other forms of marketing.

In 2017, despite failing to meet its financial targets and losing a staggering $1.8bn in FCF, Tesla’s shares rose by 66%.

Why? Trust. Tesla has built a long term, trusting relationship with their customers, shareholders and employees by getting them to engage sincerely with their company purpose – even when that purpose manifested itself in the form of blasting a car into Space. Their brand is built so that their purpose is always crystal clear. Their customers, shareholders and employees trust them to pursue it, because they believe in it too.

Simply put, your marketing strategy should focus on building trust with consumers by helping them to believe in what you do and your purpose as a business. At Confederation, we help you to better define and articulate this purpose.