How we partner with disruptive brands to quickly hack solutions
Working with challenger brands

How Confederation works with challenger brands

The world won’t disrupt itself. All these rules, all these established ways of doing things, they weren’t built overnight. So they definitely won’t be torn down that easily either.

As a challenger brand, you’re running a million miles an hour, writing tomorrow’s rulebook. Taking something established and flipping it on its head takes real bravery. You have the vison and the guts. You don’t need Confederation Studio to come in and help you with that.

But any revolution needs supporters. People who stand up and say “I’d believe in that too”. They are the lifeblood for change. You’re doing all the work needed to create this movement. Now all you need is a megaphone to let them hear about it.

Confederation Studio can help you articulate who you truly are in a genuine, effective way, to the right people.

The best partners aren’t the ones that do what you do. They’re the ones that complement you. The ones that share your problems and see the dangers. And the ones that give you a fresh angle.

Why is it that you always see ostriches and zebras stood together in the wild? It’s because the zebra has crystal clear hearing and a great sense of smell. The ostrich on the other hand has brilliant vision. By working together they bothbecome stronger and more successful. Nature’s very own Confederation.

Both the ostrich and the zebra strive for the same goal. We at Confederation Studio immerse ourselves in the culture of our clients to find and adopt that same goal for ourselves.

That’s how we see it, we love working with the disruptors who don’t follow traditional ways of working. As the client, you know more about your mission and competitive landscape. We as the agency know all about how to take you to market and engage with your customers. But we recognise that we will never know the minute details of your business as well as you do.

And most likely you’ll have an internal design team who are best placed to implement brilliantly. So it doesn’t have to be the us against them for your team as we’ll work closely together to get the job done.

Our friends at Farmdrop articulated it wonderfully:

The collaborative process worked really well as we could all see the benefits. Confederation Studio got a chance to help build a mission-led business with a great story and our team got to learn how to be objective and be part of the design process. Over a few short weeks we built a trust together. The process was fun, quick and energetic because we worked together without titles or hierarchy; just focussing on getting to a result we all felt proud of.
—  Nick Darken, Chief of Brand, Farmdrop

There’s no animal like a zebra and no bird like an ostrich. Each is perfectly adapted to what it does. And yet they still grow stronger when they work together.

The traditional pitch or an agency coming in for a brief and then spending a month working on ideas to present back for you to buy isn’t the only way. The creative agency of tomorrow has to behave like a startup too, embracing agile working and design sprints.

If you’re a challenger brand and are looking for a new breed of agency to complement your internal team, then drop in for a cup of tea and a chat: