Defining your Purpose

How does Confederation help you build trust by defining your purpose? It’s easy – just be yourself.

The word ‘authenticity’ is thrown around when talking about brand strategy. The way we see it, an authentic brand is one which is honest, has integrity and values their consumers for more than just financial growth.

of consumers rank authenticity over content when reading news.
of online shoppers say it’s important to read others’ opinions before purchasing.
of consumers believe recommendations from friends and family over all forms of advertising.

When consumers are making their mind up about who you are, they want to know:

Will I be a valued customer, or just a number on a spreadsheet?
Address your consumers as human beings in a transparent way and show them that you’re genuinely listening to their feedback and advice. Trusting in analytics and KPIs can be a fast track way to creating a dehumanized picture of your business.

Does your product work?
The quality of your product will be relative to the quality of the team producing it. Everyone who works for your organisation should understand, believe in and feel proud of the product they are developing together. At Confederation we help companies develop clear internal strategies, making sure that all stakeholders – employees, senior management and investors – agree on your company’s purpose.

Are you being honest with me?
The number one lesson in defining your purpose is being yourself. At Confederation, we help you define your identity and purpose in such a way that you can feel confident walking into a room of people and telling them who you are and what you believe in.

Confederation can help you articulate who you truly are in a genuine, effective way, to the right people.