Raising Capital

If you are a startup, the entire future of your business can rely on your Series A, and the following questions may be running through your mind while you’re preparing for it:

— Have I got an appropriate pre-money valuation?
— Am I about to be diluted out of the business?
— Am I asking for enough money to grow the team?

At Confederation, we work closely with startup leaders to help them through their Series A, developing a concise strategy, writing engaging copy and designing the appropriate collateral for them to pitch to potential investors.

On average, we develop at least one Series A project per month and, in all instances, we have found that when our clients’ purpose and vision is articulated in a succinct and visually appealing way, their chances of success, and in some cases their pre-money valuation, greatly increase.

Encapsulating an ambition and drive does more than just entice investors. It can give the team and entrepreneurs behind them a huge confidence boost, allowing them to attract new talent, engage with new board members or seek out company partners.

Our clients range from cacao farmers to flying car manufacturers, from beauty consultants to global NGOs and from craft beer brewers to alternative medicine experts. Each business has their own unique identity and purpose which we help them to successfully communicate.

To find out more, drop in for a cup of tea and a chat: contact@confederationstudio.com