FMCG in an increasingly crowded world
Standing Out

It’s no secret that the world of FMCG is becoming increasingly more crowded, with many latching on to the new consumer attitudes of healthier, ethical alternatives. For example, once upon a time shelves were sparsely populated with plant-based milk alternatives with truly garish branding. But now, alternative milk brands are falling over themselves to gain shares in the $2billion market. Consumers are spoilt for choice, and brands have a task on their hands to cut through the overwhelming noise of the competition. In our experience working with start-ups trying to break into this landscape, we’ve learnt the following lessons:

Find the gap

You may be entering into a market that is heaving with products of the same nature, but it is imperative to identify the distinguishing factor that makes you different from everyone else. Do market research, then do even more market research. Get to know your ‘enemies’ and know their product and brand inside out. What gives them the edge? How are they talking to their audience? Create an in-depth analysis of this landscape and discover the gaps for opportunity that your brand can fill.

Search high and low for the unique offering of your product, and make that shine through in your brand.

USP is key

From here, the focus now falls on what makes you unique in the space and bringing that proposition to the forefront of your brand identity. Perhaps the USP is to do with your supply chain- are you the only brand that harvests their raw ingredients from a registered fairtrade farm? Is your business completely family-run, compared to the competition who are part of a faceless corporation? Do you invest a share of your profits into the community? Search high and low for the unique offering of your product, and make that shine through in your brand.

Talk ain’t cheap

You’ve found your niche, and you’ve got the brand design to boot. But all these frills aren’t going to cut it if you don’t know how to converse with your audience. Your consumer will see- and no exaggeration here- thousands of images trying to sell them something every single day. Your brand identity could be beautiful enough to belong in the Royal Academy, but that still doesn’t mean the consumer is convinced. There’s a heck of a lot of great design out there, but nowhere near as much authentic brand personality of the same calibre. Investing in your tone of voice is absolutely crucial, and will enable the brand to maintain consistency across all marketing channels. Consumers love brands they can relate to, and having that conversational edge is what we’ve found to be the icing on the cake for a successful challenger brand.

Building a brand is never a set formula, and of course you’ve got to prepare for all sorts of bumps in the road to success. But time and time again, we have found that by sticking to the above considerations, we have been able to help brands get a foot in the door and create real impact in their sector.

An example of this impact is our partnership with vitamin brand Vitl. The personal nutrition category was overloaded with the same old aesthetic of an unattainable image; porcelain-white teeth and impossibly glossy locks on top of a toned physique. This world was empty of personality and unrelatable to the many of us- 46% to be precise- who take multivitamins in daily life. Vitl saw the opportunity to build a brand that reflects the diversity of its audience, and their motivations for purchasing the product. We created an identity that taps into the emotion of feeling your best; not just through the bright and charming brand design, but also in the personable way that the brand is brought to life through its tone of voice.

We’ve got tons of experience working with high-growth start-ups that have ambitious plans to gain market share. Chat to us about how we could work together to make this happen for you.