Telling the world your story by saying why you exist
Strategy, Meet Clarity

The term ‘brand strategy’ is already an example of bad branding. It’s jargon. It’s a couple of buzzwords that have been given a process that no one quite understands. Because, essentially, there is no definitive process when it comes to branding. Or at least, there shouldn’t be.

Our solution? Call it ‘Brand Clarity’, because that’s what it really is. We tell the world your story by saying why you exist. We ‘clarify’ you. That is the core of good branding. We’re not plastic surgeons looking to chop and change you into something else; instead, we find the deep truth of who you are, your inner beauty, and share that authenticity with the world.

The key to finding this coveted clarity starts with a fresh set of eyes. It’s difficult to see the problems when you’re too close to them, especially if you’re trying to juggle a hundred other things at the same time. But this proximity is also what makes you the best people for the job. No one knows your company better than you.

Restrictive briefs and limited roadmaps just lead to the same brands over and over again- squint your eyes and they’re all identical.

That’s why we work so closely with our clients. If we are going to authentically show who you are to the world then we need to come inside and have dinner with you. There is only so much we can learn from out in the street.

At Confederation we disrupt the traditional methods. Restrictive briefs and limited roadmaps just lead to the same brands over and over again- squint your eyes and they’re all identical. Our process is more organic. We don’t draw hard lines between research, design, implementation or any other stage. Each step feeds into and shapes the others.

We mould ourselves around our clients needs, not our own- but if we’ve got an opinion on something, we’ll tell you straight. We find the right idea and give it the space to grow into something unique.

But how do you know when you have ‘the right idea’?

If there was a step-by-step guidebook for finding excellent ideas then you wouldn’t need us. But there isn’t one. Ideas come at random, often from the most unexpected places. Finding the right one for you takes a lot of time- time that you don’t have. Which is where Confederation comes in.

Finding the best idea is like love-at-first-sight. It takes your breath away and feels like finally everything makes sense. When something so exciting crashes into your life there is only one thing you want to do: share it with anyone who’ll listen. Again this is where Confederation’s agility can help you. No matter the budget, a great idea will sell itself if the right people hear it. Confederation has all the tools to make them listen, all we need is a disruptive client to tell the world about.

An example of implementing real brand clarity is our work with intelligent healthcare brand, Nectarine. Though they had a great, innovative product, they lacked the confident identity to match this vision. Our brief was to create a future-proof brand that speaks to the global market, not just their Swedish roots. Through extensive competitor and market research, we embarked on a thorough naming process to find a name that suited the brand vision, then brought this to life through an identity that is clean, modern and stands out in the otherwise rather drab world of intelligent healthcare, with a colour palette and typeface that brings warmth to a clinical landscape. The brand positioning inspires confidence in personal and professional carers, communicating the intelligence, elegance and approachability of the technology.

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