Creating disruption for all the right reasons

At Confederation, we bring transformation through brand clarity. We launch and grow businesses that challenge the ordinary and change the way people think. From rapid growth startups to international charities, our clients are driven by purpose as well as profit.

We’re a tight-knit, skilled team with a working culture built on trust, respect and passion. Combining the right people, the right approach and the right clients creates meaningful and brave work that continues to grow long after project sign-off. We call this brand clarity.

We’re there at the launch and we’re along for the journey, helping your organisation change what is and define what’s to come.

One size doesn’t fit all; tried and tested methods work for many but not for everyone. Sometimes you need more than just the conventional agency approach.

Smaller startups and entrepreneurs moving a mile a minute don’t have the time or the budgets for a huge project with a fixed scope of work and a rotating team of mystery strategists and designers.

We work in many different ways and two projects are never the same. Something that always stays the same is the project kick-off. We always start by working closely with our clients to ensure we understand every aspect of their brand story, allowing their individual needs to inform the way we work together and determine which risks to take. This flexible and non-conventional approach enables us to empathise with the entrepreneurial journey more effectively.

Instead of going away for three weeks and coming back with a total surprise, we prefer regular check-ins for honest collaboration. We prioritise listening carefully and always making intelligent creative recommendations based on the individual circumstances of each client we work with.

What we do:

Brand Strategy
Or as we like to call it, brand clarity. Is about more than just making money, it’s about defining who you are and what sets you apart from your competitors. More info.

Naming a brand can be really challenging. From trademark checks to domain name challenges, we are fully aware of all the potential hurdles along the way.

Brand Identity
Whether it’s a new brand launch or a refresh, we’ll lead you through the process of defining what makes you unique and then express this through a distinct and engaging visual identity.

Raising Capital
We currently work on at least one capital raising project per month, working closely with our clients to articulate their vision so they can pitch to business partners and potential investors.
More info.

Tone of Voice
It’s what you say and how you say it. We help you to create a clear and effective verbal identity so that you will send the right messages to all the right audiences.

Your product is at the centre of your brand. We work with our trusted print partners to design and produce beautiful, unique packaging solutions that get people looking twice.

Whatever your business objectives are, we can help you design and roll-out an effective campaign that targets the right people with the right messages.

Digital Design
Digital platforms are where your brand comes to life. Our experienced digital designers can seamlessly translate your brand across all of your digital touchpoints.

We’ve worked with:


Confederation Studio is made up of a small team that brings creativity and technical expertise together. At the helm is Nahim Afzal, who founded the studio in 2011.

Nahim’s approach is to listen, observe, understand, and then to bring this together through brand clarity and effective design solutions. His 20 years of experience working for the top global branding and advertising agencies has given him expertise in brand creation, marketing and communication campaigns across every industry sector.

Our values

Between our multi-disciplined team, between us and our clients. We work closely together with a common goal so that the outcome is something we’re all proud of.

We are responsive, efficient and flexible in our approach. When you’re moving a mile a minute, you need a team who can keep up with you.

We have worked across a variety of industry sectors. Our combined knowledge and experience means we can confidently tackle every problem we face.

It’s what we look for in our clients and it’s what we strive for in our studio. We want to create game-changing work that means we’re missed if we’re gone.
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